Our Process

Completing the design and construction of a custom luxury pool is not something that happens overnight.  It requires careful planning, organization, and excellent communication every step of the way.

JDO Pools & Spas has a well-defined process that we use with our clients to ensure that even the most complex projects are executed smoothly:

Step 1: Fifteen Minute Discovery Call

The first step to starting a project with us is to schedule a 15-minute discovery call.  The purpose of this complimentary call is a simple meet & greet and to listen to your project ideas.

This allows us to ensure that everyone is in general agreement about the scope, estimated timeline and approximate budget that would be required for the project.

Assuming we agree to move forward, at the end of our call we will schedule a site visit to see first-hand the property where your personal paradise will be created.

Step 2: Client Creates an “Inspiration Book”

In between the discovery call and our site visit, we will ask you to create an “inspiration book”, which is basically a collection of images that you want the finished project to incorporate or resemble in some way.

These images could be color pallets, pool photos, accessories, furniture, natural landscapes, other materials that are meaningful and inspirational to you.

Sites like Pinterest are a great place to find lots of ideas for your inspiration book. 

Click here to download an example of a client's inspiration book.

Step 3: Site Visit

During the site visit, we will look at your inspiration book and the property where your personal paradise will be created.  This will allow us to provide suggestions about how to best incorporate your ideas while working within the physical space available for the project.  After seeing your inspiration book, we may also suggest some additional possibilities you may not have thought about.

After the site visit, we will provide an initial written estimate for the cost of the project. 

Step 4: Design Phase

After the initial estimate is agreed upon, we begin designing the project using our 3D design software.  This will allow you to see a virtual image of your personal paradise.

During the design phase, we will select the materials that will actually be used and allow you to select all the customization options you want for styles, colors, etc.

Although there is a charge for the design phase of the project, you are not under any obligation to continue beyond the design phase if you change your mind about the project.

A digital catalog of some JDO Pool & Spa designs can be found here.

Step 5: Second Estimate and Signed Contract

At the end of the design phase and once all the materials have been selected and all customization options have been decided, we will provide you with a detailed written estimate and a contract. 

Step 6: Project Permitting and Planning

Before construction begins, we will work behind the scenes with our engineer to create the necessary plans for permitting. Simultaneously we will be working with our team and suppliers to acquire all materials required for the successful execution of your project.

Step 7: Construction

Upon receipt of approved permits we will schedule a start date. Once that is done, we can break ground and start turning your dream into a reality!