User Manuals

Here you will find links where you can download all of the user manuals for the equipment installed by JDO Pools & Spas directly from the manufacturer's websites.

JDO Lifestyle Standard Equipment Package

Hayward TriStar VS950 Pump:

Hayward AquaRite 940 Salt System: 

Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter


    Hayward Colorlogic 4.0 LED Pool Lights – (1 light per every 400 sq ft of surface area)

    Hayward Colorlogic 4.0 LED Spa Lights – INCLUDED IN SPA INSTALLATIONS (1 per every 75 sqft of surface area)

    Hayward Colorlogic 160/320 LED – INCLUDED IN TANNING LEDGE INSTALLATIONS (1 per every 6 lineal feet)

    Hayward Colorlogic Light Controller – OPTIONAL

    Heating / Cooling – OPTIONAL

    Hayward Heater Universal H Series (propane/natural gas) - OPTION 1

    We use H400 for most applications--preferred option for Spa Installations.

    Hayward HeatPro heat/cool pool heat pump – OPTION 2

    • Product brochure
    • User manual
    • Allows the ability to heat or cool your pool as necessary
    • Allows you to extend the swim season six additional weeks in the spring and fall

    JDO Lifestyle Premium Equipment Upgrades

    Automation – OPTIONAL

    Hayward Omnilogic Smart Pool / Spa Control w/wifi capabilities

    JDO Lifestyle Pool Accessories

    Water Features »»» Laminars, Bubblers, Deck Jets and Sheers

    Pool Furniture

    Pool Safety

    Pool Safety

     Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Pools

     Automatic pool Cover – OPTION 1

    No need to have a fence around your yard

    Top of the line - stainless steel cables, under coping track system

    Standard mesh safety cover – OPTION 2  (see GLI and Latham Pool Safety Covers)

    Door and Window Alarms

    Must meet UC2017 code standard