Why Choose JDO Pools & Spas

At JDO Poos & Spas, we recognize that you have options when choosing a pool Builder. We believe that JDO Pools & Spas is the best option in the Richmond area when it comes to designing and building custom luxury pools and outdoor spaces. Here are the reasons why:

We design and build personally customized pools to fit your lifestyle.

We take the time to know you and your family and to better understand how a new pool and outdoor space can fit your lifestyle.  We want to create a space that becomes a favorite hang-out.

At JDO Pools & Spas we focus on customizing each and every pool, deck, patio, and water feature to the preferences of our individual clients.

No two projects we complete are alike.  Each one is like a work of art, reflecting the style and preference of the client.  Just look through our portfolio of work and you’ll see a variety of styles on display.

When we say that we help our clients create their personal paradise, we truly mean it.  So, if you want a partner that can help make your dream of the perfect outdoor living space a reality, we can help.

We use a state-of-the-art 3D design tool to help plan your project.

Because our goal is to help turn our client’s vision of their perfect outdoor space into reality, we first must understand what that vision is.  That’s why we use state-of-the-art 3D software and an experienced outdoor living space designer to build a virtual model of what a finished project will look like during the design phase of a project.  That way, the client can review and approve the design before work even begins.

We are uniquely positioned to offer the ecoFINISH aquaBRIGHT premium pool finish.

JDO Pools & Spas is proud to be the only pool contractor in the Richmond area authorized to apply ecoFINISH® High Performance Coatings. 

These pneumatically applied thermo-polymer coatings eliminate many of the shortcomings, (such as chemical deterioration, staining, shrinking, and cracking) found in other pool finishes.

EcoFINISH allows you to go for longer periods of time without refinishing your pool, and also simplifies maintenance and repairs. In fact, thanks to the fact that the aquaBRIGHT finish is chemically inert, it can reduce the use of pool chemicals by over 50%.

EcoFINISH comes with a 10 year warranty, meaning that the minimum life expectancy of this finish is greater than or equal to the maximum life expectancy of other finishes (which on average need to be replaced every 7-10 years). 

Our pools are engineered for maximum energy efficiency and low maintenance, resulting in lower costs of ownership.

An energy efficient pool requires a complex plumbing and filter design to operate effectively and with reduced maintenance.  

To move water, you must expend energy by using a pump. When you create higher pressures by having either smaller pipes or too many turns on the pipe, then you're increasing the pressure that is required to push that water, which increases your energy consumption ultimately resulting in higher operating costs. 

At JDO Pools & Spas we spend time making a system more energy efficient through proper hydraulic engineering and during installation by using techniques such as heat bending pipes to minimize the number of 90-degree turns (each 90 degree turn reduces hydraulic efficiency by 11%).  

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and practical application of hydraulic principles and filtration systems, our pools will cost less to operate than comparable pools. 

We are a fully licensed and insured Class A contractor.

Class A contractors (like JDO Pools & Spas) must have at least 5 years of experience. There is no monetary limit on the size of project a Class A contractor can work on.

In addition to our Class A contractor’s license, we are fully insured for pool construction which is very important.  An improperly insured contractor may not have the required coverage in the event of a catastrophic pool failure.   

If you hire a contractor without the proper workers compensation insurance coverage and they get hurt while working on your property, you could be liable. 

Pool & Hot Tub Alliance Membership

Membership in the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance provides JDO Pools & Spas with access to the most current industry research and technical education, business growth and development support, and the latest in pool safety ensuring we are holding ourselves to the highest of standards in the pool industry.

We are a local family-owned business.

When partnering with JDO Pools & Spas our team will be personally invested in the results. Our owners are personally involved in every project and stake their professional reputation on the outcome.