JDO Pools & Spas is proud to be the only pool contractor in the Richmond area authorized to apply ecoFINISH® High Performance Coatings.

These pneumatically applied thermo-polymer coatings eliminate most of the shortcomings found in other aquatic coatings, such as staining, shrinking, and cracking problems. This allows you to go for longer periods of time without refinishing your pool, and also simplifies maintenance and repairs in the long run.

The aquaBRIGHT™ finish comes with a 10 year warranty, meaning that the minimum life expectancy of this finish is greater than or equal to the maximum life expectancy of plaster finishes (which need to be replaced after 7-10 years).

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Click here to download a Certificate of Listing from IAPMO Research and Testing about ecoFINISH® and health effects related to drinking water systems.

What is aquaBRIGHT™?

For decades swimming pools were coated in a silky white rubber-based paint finish. In addition to the smooth texture and bright white look, this type of paint was known for its durability against stains and imperfections. During the late 1980’s, government regulations banned some of the most crucial ingredients that made this product maintenance free. New paints were no longer free of imperfections. Blistering, chipping, peeling, and fading began to appear in as little as six months.

This forced swimming pool builders in many regions to switch to plaster finishes. Plaster has its own set of issues (detailed below).  aquaBRIGHT™ was scientifically developed to present a solution to these aquatic finish problems. The long-lasting thermo-polymer finish, aquaBRIGHT™ is the wave of the future.

Click here to download a brochure comparing aquaBRIGHT™ to traditional pool finishes.

The problems with plaster finishes

Back in the 1980s, due to environmental regulations pool contractors had to switch from using rubber-based paint finishes to plaster finishes for concrete (gunite or shotcrete) pools.  However, there are a number of problems with plaster pool finishes, including:

The plaster can be damaged if the pool water chemistry is out of balance, causing stains, streaks, erosion and cracks.

Tiny cracks in the plaster can allow algae to grow, which can be difficult to eliminate using pool chemicals.

Unsightly rust stains on the plaster can be caused by anything containing iron, from fertilizer that blows into the pool, rebar bleeding through the plaster, to any metal objects that come into contact with the pool.

Even in a well-maintained pool, the plaster finish will have to be replaced after only 7-10 years.

How aquaBRIGHT™ is different

The aquaBRIGHT™ finish eliminates all of these issues. It is chemical resistant and pH neutral, meaning it won’t counter-balance the chemicals you add to your swimming pool. It doesn’t crack like plaster does, so algae can’t easily grow on it. And it doesn’t get stained or pitted like plaster finishes, either.

Other benefits of aquaBRIGHT™ include:

You don’t pay extra for premium colors, as is common with plaster finishes.

Compared to masonry finishes, aquaBRIGHT™ has a more uniform color.

Because there is no cure time with aquaBRIGHT™, there is no need to immediately fill a pool with water after finishing (and thus no need to pay for trucked-in water).

With aquaBRIGHT™, there is no complicated “hot start” process lasting up to two weeks for colored finishes (as is typical for masonry finishes).

Refinishing Your Pool in 2-3 days with aquaBRIGHT™

Pool MaintananceJDO Pools and Spas not only applies the aquaBRIGHT™ finish to new pools that we construct, we can also apply it to existing pools when they need to be refinished.  The process of refinishing a pool with aquaBRIGHT™ is much, much easier than a traditional refinishing.

When a plaster pool needs to be refinished (which is typically required after only 7-10 years), it is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

First, most of the existing plaster needs to be manually chipped out with chisel hammers, which can take days. Then a new plaster needs to be applied, after which there is a cure time of 30-45 days before the pool can actually be used.

On the other hand, with aquaBRIGHT™ the entire process of refinishing a pool only takes 2-3 days, after which the pool can be used immediately.