Fiber Composite and Concrete Hybrid Pool

The JDO Pools and Spas hybrid pool utilizes elements of a fiber composite panel system and gunite elements for a truly spectacular pool experience. Customers get to enjoy the benefits of a fiberglass pool without the limitations, and the benefits of gunite without the drawbacks.

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The Only Evolution Panel System has incorporated 21st century technologies and processes to complete high-end pool builds (both commercial and residential).  At JDO Pools and Spas, with our pool and aquaculture background, we apply current technology and best practices instead of age-old building materials such as concrete and corrosive metals to build projects.

Fiber composite panels are highly customizable building materials used for the construction and installation of in-ground swimming pools. The Only Alpha Fiber Composite Panel system is the leading edge in this technology, thanks to their advanced processes and high performance materials. 

No other builder in Virginia uses state-of-the-art and patented technologies like JDO Pools and Spas does. Our goal is to build a better pool that lasts longer than any other pool (of any type), is easier to maintain, consumes less chemicals, and is energy efficient.  All together, our goal is to give you a better value for your investment.  This is why we can offer a three year parts and labor warranty on our equipment and a 10 year warranty on our pool shell and finish.

The Pool Walls: Componentized Fiber Composite Walls

Highly Engineered Reinforced Panel Walls

  • Componentized, patented wall system and building material are easily transported and installed.
  • Additional aspects, such as concrete mix, adhesives, and coatings have been specified by industry professionals such as 3M Company.
  • Reduced labor involved for projects thus reduced time of construction.
  • Interior and Exterior design can be customized with minimal limitations and unlimited amount of high end features.
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty on structural building components.

Pool Panels

The Pool Bottom: Concrete Bottom, Stairs, Shelves and Ledges

The concrete bottom coupled with the fiber composite wall system is unparalleled in strength.

It has 6-8 inches of #4 rebar reinforced concrete that can be usable in 7-10 days from start to finish on most projects.

Concrete Pool Bottom

Pool Stairs

The Pool Finish: Professional Pool Coatings

Thermally applied polyethylene coating

  • ​Professional Coating by ecoFINISH® is a thermo-applied polymer finish ​​​. The finish is ready for water and is usable immediately after application--NO CURE TIME, NO BALANCING CHEMICALS, NO WAIT TIME TO SWIM!
  • ​ It is the only coating that is compliant with NSF/ANSI 61 (POTABLE WATER STANDARD) and is ph neutral , and chemically inert.
  • Many colors to match any project requirements​ (at no additional cost)
  • ecoFX™ stencils available to match any project requirements and customized to your needs.
  • 10 yr limited warranty on coating

Pool Coating


The benefits of an Alpha Evolution pool include:

  • Reduced labor, which means a shorter time to completion (we can complete a project in 7 – 10 days in most cases)
  • The Fiber Composite Wall System is just as strong and customizable as a gunite pool
  • Customizable: Fully customizable leaving little to no limitations on the design
  •  Any shape, any size, any design, including Vanishing Edges, Tanning Ledges, Curves.

Alpha Evolution pools are available for both commercial and residential customers.  Contact us today to get started!