Building a Pool

At JDO Pools & Spas we will help you design the perfect pool for your family needs. With the knowledge, experience and creativity of our team, we will put together a complete layout that will fulfill your backyard dreams.
JDO Pools & Spas has built pools in all shapes and sizes. Our design and engineering team can work with the most challenging properties. You will be surprised by our innovative solutions that can turn your dreams into a backyard oasis. Before you give up on a small yard or hillside location, call us for advice.
It is difficult to predict an exact time frame for pool construction due to many variables, such as weather, material availability, local building inspections, and the project complexity. Most shotcrete pool projects are completed within 90 days once local permitting is approved. Most hybrid pool projects are completed within 4 to 6 weeks once local permitting is approved.
With today’s innovative technology and equipment, owning a pool has become easier. At JDO we size our equipment for optimal performance and minimal maintenance. Most owners choose some sort of automation to operate their pool, which together with a robotic cleaner can greatly reduce maintenance. You can estimate spending 10-15 minutes per week on minimal pool maintenance: cleaning, leaf skimmers and checking chemical levels. An alternative is to have our maintenance department schedule a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly cleaning, so all you have to do is spend your time relaxing.
Adding a swimming pool will not necessarily increase the value of a home, but it does offer appeal beyond the monetary value. Think of endless summer days spent in the backyard with friends and family! Whether it is a pool party with a few friends or a little alone time, your swimming pool can provide that relaxing escape you always wanted. Swimming has been determined to be one of the best forms of exercise and stress relief to promote a healthy body and mind. In terms of monetary value, The National Association of Realtors maintains that an in-ground pool can increase a home’s value from 8% to 15%.
There are two things to consider when researching the cost of in-ground pools: (1) The initial purchase price of the pool, and (2) The lifetime cost of ownership associated with the pool. In many cases, a higher initial cost for better materials and design can reduce maintenance and energy costs, thus saving you money in the long run. In any case, the cost of building a pool can vary widely depending on a number of factors, so the best thing to do is just start the process with a free discovery call and we will give you a better idea of what your costs might be based on the goals for your project.

Pool Service and Maintenance

A dirty filter can have a dramatic effect on circulation. As water passes through the filter, millions of tiny particles cling to the filtration elements. Eventually, these accumulated particles make it difficult for water to pass through the filter. A dirty filter can reduce pump efficiency by up to 80 percent. In other words, circulating your water for 10 hours a day when the filter is dirty is the equivalent of circulating the water for 2 hours a day when the filter is clean. Many times, a homeowner will find their water is cloudy and greenish, even though the chemical levels are fine, and the pump is running for an adequate amount of time each day. A dirty or damaged filter is usually the source of the problem. The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance recommends running your filter system for approximately 1 hour for every 10 degrees of outside temperature. In the summer, that translates to 8 to 12 hours per day, and in the winter, 4 or more hours per day. If your pool looks cloudy, run your filter system until the pool clears, then go back to your regular schedule. If you find the task of cleaning your filter is a bit too much for you, please give us a call to see how we can be of service.
Proper maintenance is required to keep pumps running efficiently. If your pump is making strange noises, you can use the following check list to troubleshoot. • Pump might be pulling air due to low water level • Skimmer basket might be full. • Pump basket might be full. • Seals on pump wet-end are going bad and need to be replaced. • Filter is dirty and is causing the pump to work harder and louder. • Pump bearings or seals may be going bad. If you are still having issues, please contact us to see how we can be of service.
There could be a number of factors that are affecting the visual clarity of your pool water. Here is a list of possibilities you could check yourself. If you are unable to find a solution, please give us a call to see how we can be of service. • Water chemistry is not properly balanced • Filter is not running long enough • Filter is dirty reducing circulation in the pool • Inadequate or poor circulation due to filter or pump problems • Low chlorine levels

What are the Benefits of ecoFINISH®?

Compared to colored masonry finishes, aquaBRIGHT® has a more uniform color across the entire swimming pool and as the pool ages, the installation of an aquaBRIGHT™ finish will not “mottle” or fade in larger blotchy clouds..
If left alone, most curing masonry finishes (plaster) will dry out and crack if water is not immediately placed in the pool. Because of this, it is a common practice to truck in water to protect the new finish. Once installed, the aquaBRIGHT™ finish is cured. You can fill that day, the next day or the following week; thus, eliminating the need to pay for trucked in water.
Looking for a colored aquatic finish? Colored masonry coatings typically require a three to four week start up process called a “Low Alkalinity Burn” or a “Hot Start.” The process normally involves your pool company pouring muriatic acid into your pool to burn the leaching calcium off the curing masonry. Since aquaBRIGHT™ is a durable thermo-plasticfinish, it does not require any caustic or complicated start up process after installation. We call our start up process “Balance and Swim”.
Pigments vary greatly in cost, depending on the color you choose. Sometimes the difference can be so great it becomes the sole determining factor in choosing the color scheme for your pool. Every installation of residential and commercial aquaBRIGHT™ finishes are the same cost. So choose from our selection of colors and pick what you like and not what you can afford.
When did owning a pool mean that you need a degree in chemistry? Old timers used to treat their pools with two things chlorine and muriatic acid. Unlike masonry finishes, the non-porous, smooth and pH neutral aquaBRIGHT™ finish won’t counter balance with your swimming pool’s water chemistry. Due to the nature of aquaBRIGHT™, you’ll spend much less time balancing your water chemistry and more time enjoying your pool with your family.
Many chemicals need to be pre-mixed with water before adding the product to the pool. Usually this is to protect the finish of the pool to prevent problems like bleaching and etching. aquaBRIGHT™ is chemically resistant and unlike masonry finishes, can be acid washed with very little impact to the surface and the color.
Any aquatic area with high traffic such as slide entrances, beach-entry, tanning ledges and wading pools can safely have aquaBRIGHT™ applied to them. Our slip resistant application process for aquaBRIGHT™ is ideal for surfaces such as steps, benches, and beach entries to assist in the prevention of accidents at ingress or egress points in a pool. This is a special application process using the same high-quality tested materials, but just a different application process.
There is an excellent 10 year warranty on ecoFINISH® pools for both residential and commercial customers. Click the appropriate links below to download the warranty.

Why You Should Trust JDO Pools & Spas

Our office is located at 3751-A Westerre Parkway, Suite 100, Richmond, VA 23233. Please schedule an appointment by calling 804-664-0175 and let us show you our products and meet members of the team.
We got our start in Central California installing ponds, water gardens, pondless waterfalls and river beds. JDO ENTERPRISES INC was established in 1996 in California. The JDO name has been synonymous with designing and building outdoor waterscapes since then. After moving to Virginia in 2013 we’ve expanded our craft to include designing and building custom and beautifully crafted pools, spas and outdoor living spaces. JDO ENTERPRIES LLC (DBA JDO POOLS & SPAS) was established in 2013.
We are glad to provide references upon request.
YES, The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) both demand ethical business practices from all of their members. The fees to join are by no means burdensome, so there’s no reason for a bona fide, ethical-minded pool builder not to join. The PHTA writes the construction standards for the pool industry, and its members commit to the adherence of those standards. Ideally, the pool builder should be able to show you a current “Certified Building Professional” certificate, which is the highest level of certification offered by the PHTA. If you’re considering a pool builder that is not a member of both the BBB and the PHTA, that should be a clear warning to look somewhere else.
YES and YES Our workman’s Compensation insurance will protect you from having to pay for the employees and subcontractor’s lost wages. Our General Liability policy will protect you from lawsuits and other liabilities. As a professional pool builder and Class A contractor, we have both to protect you from any liabilities.
Yes except for unforeseen circumstances such as hitting rock, uncovering tree stumps or unfavorable soil conditions, water table issues in addition to concealed utilities. Ultimately, the most important things are that the agreement related to “rock” or “water,” electrical work, etc., is spelled out clearly in the contract, and that you fully understand the agreement and are comfortable with it.
Any aquatic area with high traffic such as slide entrances, beach-entry, tanning ledges and wading pools can safely have aquaBRIGHT™ applied to them. Our slip resistant application process for aquaBRIGHT™ is ideal for surfaces such as steps, benches, and beach entries to assist in the prevention of accidents at ingress or egress points in a pool. This is a special application process using the same high-quality tested materials, but just a different application process.