Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Pool Service Provider

1. What Qualifications Do You Have?

  • Are the pool professionals’ part of an industry / trade association?
  • Vet all professional pool providers for education, training, and experience such as industry certifications and/or state licensing (e.g. Contractor’s license). 
  • Always look for an established company.  Do they own their vehicles, have a physical location? 

2. Is Your Insurance Up to Date?

  • Verify that your pool professional has all the necessary coverage, this includes liability insurance. 
  • Accidents happen every day…do they have commercial automobile insurance?
  • Working with hazardous chemicals, electricity and water invites some risk…do they have adequate workers compensation insurance?
  • Asking for this information up front is recommended. Also asking about employee training and screening programs are a great idea.

3. What Services Do You Offer and How Often?

  • The provider should be able to give a clear and concise list of services that they offer.
  • Other than cleaning services, ask if there are any additional services that the pool professionals provide. 
  • The pool professionals should be able to provide weekly, bi-weekly and/or as requested cleanings.

4. How is Customer Service Handled?

  • Consistency and communication are key. 
  • You are looking for a pool professional who is reachable and friendly.
  • Telephone calls should always be answered promptly, this includes messages left for the pool professional.
  • Weather can sometimes create a hiccup in anyone’s plan, are there protocols in place for such situations.  

At JDO Pools & Spas we are a Virigina licensed and insured Class A contractor.  Our team, of Pool & Hot Tub Association ( trained professionals, can answer questions you may have about your pool or spa. Our pool maintenance plans are designed to give you the peace of mind knowing that your pool is being maintained in a safe and responsible manner.   Our plans cover everything from pool openings and closings, maintaining the correct balance of chemicals in the water, to equipment inspection and replacement when necessary, so you can enjoy the pool season!  Our team is available M-F, 9 am – 4 pm, at 804-435-2770.